Limo Service & Bus Transportation

Hire The Right Transportation Service Today


We all could use a trustworthy transportation service, especially in a busy city, such as West Sacramento, CA. Big cities such as these are difficult to get around in. There is a lot of traffic, road construction and accidents to deal with regularly. You’re likely never to run into smooth roads all the way to your destination! That’s simply the way it is in big cities.


Take a Ride in Our Comfortable Limo Service


Our limo service is considered desirable for a reason. Our limos are well-kept to a high standard. That means they’re properly maintained to ensure reliability.


They’re clean to ensure our customers enjoy the ride.


They are also well stocked. You can always find an ice cold water bottle.


When you rent a limo service from Charter America Ground Transportation, you are also getting an expert driver. All our drivers know the local city extremely well. You never have to worry about arriving late to your meeting, appointment, party or interview. Our drivers know the fastest route and which routes to avoid.


They don’t need GPS.


They know the streets and city like the back of their hand.


Our Bus Transportation is Comfortable


Driving separate vehicles to the same destination is not always ideal. Why not rent a bus so everyone travels together?


Bus transportation is great for events, conferences and parties. It’s a wonderful idea for traveling conveniently and with ease.


If you’re interested in traveling the most effective way, then get in contact with us and ask about our bus transportation services.